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Matching Mommy and Me Dresses for Easter with Tie Dye

Mommy & Me Tie-Dye Dresses

Easter is the perfect time to wear matching mommy and me dresses, so grab some tie dye and try this colorful, kid-friendly activity! This simple tutorial from Molly Ferreiro will show you how to use the Tulip Tie-Dye Party Kit to create custom matching Easter outfits. Our One-Step Dyes are nontoxic and easy to use, so your little one can enjoy making matching tie dye with you!

Supplies Needed:

Tulip Tie-Dye Party Kit

Cotton dresses

Wire rack + sheet tray

Plastic wrap or sealable plastic bag


Step 1 Prepare your projects

Prepare your mommy and me tie dye project

Prewash your matching mommy and me dresses to remove sizing. Cover your workstation with a protective surface cover (included in the Tulip Tie-Dye Party Kit) and prepare the tie-dye solutions by adding water to the dye bottles, filling to the neck. Replace the cap tightly and shake well until dye powder is fully dissolved.

Step 2 Fold and bind

Fold and bind the fabric as desired

Decide which folding and binding techniques you want to use for your matching Easter outfits. For this project, Molly Ferreiro sectioned the dresses to create colorful rainbow stripes! Place the substrate onto a wire rack over a sheet tray to catch excess dye.

 Step 3 Apply dyes

Apply dyes to fabric

Put on a pair of protective gloves and apply dye to the matching mommy and me dresses. Work the dye into the fabric to ensure all areas of your matching Easter outfits are fully saturated with color. Use the dye at full strength for vibrant colors, or dilute with extra water for a more diffused, pastel tie-dye design.

Step 4 Wrap and let set

Wrap and let project to set for 6-8 hours

Once you’ve finished applying the dyes, wrap your matching Easter outfits in plastic wrap or place into a sealable plastic bag. Allow the dyes to set for 6-8 hours.

 Step 5 Reveal!

Matching Mommy and Me Dresses for Easter with Tie Dye

Once the dyes have set, remove the rubber bands, rinse, wash in cool water with a little laundry detergent, dry, and reveal! Enjoy your Easter activities in your matching mommy and me dresses!

Will you make your own matching mommy and me dresses with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye? Show us your DIY matching Easter outfits and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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