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Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

Put your best foot forward with a fun and colorful welcome mat using Outdoor ColorShot. I love how simple it is to create a unique design and turn an plain inexpensive mat into a personalized welcome mat. The rich colors and ease of use make Outdoor ColorShot the perfect choice for a fun inexpensive update to your doorstep.

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

What you need:

Outdoor ColorShot



Freezer paper


Drop cloth

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

Measure and tape off your stripes.

The material of the mat I used is very textured and it can be difficult to get the tape to stick. To keep the ColorShot from bleeding under the tape too much, spray straight down (not at an angle), spray in light short bursts, and make a few light coats.

Painting it this way I got very little spray under my tape.

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

Trace your design onto your freezer paper, make sure if your design has a direction you place it so that the waxed side of your freezer paper will be face down on your mat.

NOTE: if your mat is not natural fiber and it’s made of plastic or some other manmade fiber please test it before ironing, because it will most likely melt and it could be very dangerous.

Cut out your design to make your stencil.

Use your iron to press your stencil onto your mat. You may want to do a little test first to see how the mat reacts to the heat and paper.

If you can’t get the freezer paper to adhere to the mat you can try a spray workable adhesive or try tape.

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

Use the same method of spraying for your stencil that you did for your stripes, light and straight down. Make light coats and let dry in between.

Once you have the color you want, let it dry and remove your stencil.

Let completely dry for 72 hours before using.

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

One of the things I liked best about using the Outdoor ColorShot is that you have control over how much or how little you use. Especially using it on a natural fiber you can get a really cool vintage look by spraying lightly and unevenly over your design.

Outdoor ColorShot DIY Welcome Mat

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