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Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Since we're on an end of the school year kick, let's talk about teachers. (Wait, don't leave!) Most of us have had a favorite teacher or two, whether it's in the same school year or at different times growing up. Celebrate a teacher who's inspired you (or your child) throughout the school year with a customized gift. Rather than the typical teacher mug present (although those are nice too), why not try something a little different and a lot more fun - especially because you get to make it?! This hand-painted flowerpot fabric wrap is the perfect complement to a plant - what better way to say "thank you" for helping you/your child grow throughout the year?! Grab some Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint and a fabric swatch and you can have this teacher gift ready in less time than it takes to finish a homework assignment.

What you need:

Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint in colors of choice

- White fabric square (large enough to fit around flowerpot)

- Terracotta flowerpot

- Desired ribbon for creating bow

- Paintbrushes

Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

First choose your color palette. It's always extra personal if you can find out the teacher's favorite colors, but if not, we know they'll still appreciate it just as much! Cut a fabric swatch large enough to completely wrap around the flowerpot.

Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Load your paintbrush with Glacier White and create brushstrokes of paint in a swirl pattern, starting from the center of the fabric swatch and working your way outward to the edge of the fabric. 

Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Continue enhacing your swirl pattern with the other paint colors, working from lightest to darkest shades for best results.

Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap
Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Once you are happy with how your swirl design looks, let the paint dry completely. Tip: you can use a blowdryer over the paint to speed up the drying process!

Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Wrap the fabric swatch around the pot and secure with a ribbon. What teacher wouldn't love such a colorful custom gift?!

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