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Punny Cactus Notebook

Punny Cactus Notebook

Since a notebook tends to remind you of all the work you have to do, why not give it a fun upgrade?! This simple punny cactus notebook is easy to make with Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint and cactus stencils, so you can smile every time you pull out your notebook. After all, don’t we all need a funny reminder to “not be a prick” once in a while? 

What you need:

Step 1: Place the notebook on a flat surface. Press the stencil in the middle and smooth with fingers until stuck (if using a sticky stencil).

Punny Cactus Notebook

Step 2: Dispense green paint into a container and use a foam brush to apply over the stencil, dabbing the paint onto the notebook. Carefully peel away the stencil and let paint dry for several minutes.

Punny Cactus Notebook

Step 3: Place the pot stencil on top and repeat with brown paint, dabbing the paint onto the notebook and peeling away the stencil. 

Punny Cactus Notebook

Step 4: With another color (white), draw a punny saying like "Don't be a Prick" over the top of the cactus design. Set aside to dry overnight before using. 


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