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Refresh Your Stuff with these 6 Upcycle Ideas

Refresh Your Stuff with these 6 Upycle Ideas

Don’t just throw out your things—repurpose them with these fun and easy upcycle ideas! Upcycling is a fun and eco-friendly way to give new life to your stuff, whether you’re adding trendy designs to old clothes or turning trash into treasure. These upcycling projects are made super simple with the help of Tulip Color Products!

What you need:

Tulip Puff Paints

Fabric Paint Markers

Tulip Dazzling Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint 

Floral painted jeans

Floral Painted Jeans

Don’t buy new clothes when you can make something you already have new again! This creative upcycling idea adds fun floral prints to your denim using Tulip Puff Paint and Fabric Paint Markers. Customize your jeans with hand-painted designs for a totally unique look that won’t cost a fortune!

Leopard Print Swimsuit

Leopard Print Swimsuit

If you’re the type that can’t resist buying a new swimsuit every year, consider this upcycle idea to turn an old look into something fresh! Use Tulip Fabric Paint Markers to draw leopard print onto your swimsuit for a bold look that will surely make waves next time you’re at the beach or by the pool. Swimsuit season can’t come fast enough!

Faux embroidery painting with sunset and waves

Faux Embroidery Painting

Looking for an upcycle idea to decorate your home with? Try upcycling embroidery hoops for your wall décor! No need to spend hours stitching designs by hand, just use Tulip Puff Paints to create these stunning faux embroidery paintings.

Dazzling Glitter Painted Backpack

Dazzling Glitter Painted Backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for kids at school—many of us use them to carry work supplies, as diaper bags for babies, or as travel bags for a quick trip out of town. So dig up your old backpack from high school out of your closet and upcycle it with Tulip Glitter Puff Paint for a fresh new look to haul your stuff in style!

Upcycled Hanging Cat Planter

Upcycled Hanging Cat Planter

Who can resist cute cats and lush plants? This hanging cat planter is the perfect upcycle idea for all plant parents! Upcycle an old plastic bottle with Tulip Puff Paints to create these fabulous feline planters. They’re sure to add a touch of purr-sonality to any home garden!

Upcycled Floral Pastel Vases

Upcycled Floral Pastel Vases

Everyone loves a fresh display of flowers to brighten up a room! This upcycle idea turns plain glass bottles and jars into gorgeous vases with Tulip Dimensional Paints. These pretty pastel shades are perfect for displaying beautiful bouquets! Use them to create a fun floral centerpiece or just as a lovely accent for your home.

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