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Splatter Paint Shoes

Splatter Paint Shoes

Give your shoes a new look with Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint! You’ll be steppin’ to a whole new beat after you’re done with these! A little bit of color and creativity can go a long way, and you’ll have so much fun with this process!

What you need:

Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint

-Canvas shoes

-Paint brushes

-Plastic cup

-Painters plastic

  1. Protect working area by covering with plastic.
  2. Shake paint well and pour into small plastic cup.
  3. Dip paint brush into desired color.
  4. Standing about a foot away, swing the paint brush in the direction of the shoes to

create splatters. 

  1. Alternate between colors as desired.
  2. Let dry for about 4 hours.
    Splatter Paint Shoes

Now you’ve got awesome shoes that are ready to rock! Feel free to use whichever colors you’d like! Or stick to just one. This technique can totally be used for all of your clothes you want to upcycle! Create a whole splatter outfit, full of color and fun!

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