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Starry Grip Socks

Starry Grip Socks

It’s so much easier to shoot for the stars when you’re already walking among them! Sound a little difficult to achieve? Not to worry! Club Crafted has you covered with these twinkling DIY Starry Grip Socks using Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually dreaming or working toward your dreams – these socks will make sure you never miss a step!

What you need:

- Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint 

- Socks

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary materials. Take your clean socks and lay them flat on a surface, bottom side up. 

  2. Take your Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint and start drawing stars on your socks! You can draw whatever shape of star you may like – for added inspo, look to your favorite starry designs to recreate on your own socks. 

  3. Let your design dry fully before wear according to Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint instructions.

  4. Walk among the stars!

Starry Grip Socks

Your toes will be toasty and twinkling all season long with these sweet, sparkly socks!

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