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Sugar Skull Glow Pumpkin Pail

Sugar Skull Glow Pumpkin Pail

The Halloween season is upon us!  If you are looking to take your Halloween decor to the next level this year, break out the Tulip Dimensional Glow Paint and create this Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired pumpkin pail that is great for both trick or treating -or- decor!  Check out the video or steps below to get the look!

What you need:



Tulip Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint 10 pack
– Plastic pumpkin pail (you can use a pumpkin too if you want!)
– Black permanent marker
– Toothpick

Sugar Skull Glow Pumpkin Pail

Make this project following these few simple steps.  If you are not the freehand type, follow the jack-o-lantern face as a guide.  You can also place stickers and outline them with the glow paint!

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