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The Easiest Way to Design Your Own T-shirt

Tulip Design Your Own T-shirt

You don’t have to be a trained pro to design your own T-shirt; it’s totally easy with the Tulip® DIY T-Shirt Design Kit! A.V. Does What shows you how to create a fabulous T-shirt that fits your vibe with this all-inclusive kit that features an LED Tracing Pad, patterns and permanent fabric paints. All you need is a T-shirt to get started on your DIY fashion adventures! 

What you need:

- Tulip DIY T-Shirt Design Kit

- Light-colored T-shirt

- Cardboard cut to fit inside shirt 

- Cup of water (to clean paintbrush)

- Tape

Tulip DIY T-Shirt Design Kit contents

Your Tulip DIY T-Shirt Design Kit comes with everything you need to easily create your very own T-shirt, including some fun patterns to choose from. Use a light-colored, prewashed and dried T-shirt for best results, then pick out your pattern. A.V. went with this happy quote art design for her shirt! PS. This kit can also be used with other fabric items, not just T-shirts. As A.V. says, “If you can trace on it, you can use it. Tote bags also make a fabulous choice.”

Trace design onto T-shirt using LED Tracing Pad

To create your design on your T-shirt, turn on the LED Tracing Pad; use the power button to adjust the brightness setting needed for you to easily light up the pattern through the top layer of your T-shirt. Tape your chosen pattern to the LED Tracing Pad and place inside your shirt. Use the included Fabric Marker to trace over the pattern, directly onto the fabric. Let the ink dry before moving on to the next step.

Insert cardboard between layers of shirt

Before you start painting in your design, remove the LED Tracing Pad and insert a piece of cardboard between the layers of your shirt to create a stable painting surface. This also helps to prevent any paint from soaking through to the back of shirt. 

Mix fabric paints to create new colors

The fabric paints in your kit can also be mixed to create new colors! Get creative and have fun customizing the design to make it truly your own.

Let T-shirt dry completely

Once you’re happy with your painted design, let it dry completely (for at least 4 hours or more). The paints will dry permanent, soft and flexible on your shirt so it’s still comfortable to wear! Once dry, you can remove the cardboard and get ready to show off your design skills to friends and family.

Design your own T-shirt with the Tulip DIY T-Shirt Design Kit

See how easy it is to design your own T-shirt? Try adding designs to other fabric items, or even creating custom gifts for the upcoming holiday season! Who wouldn’t love a personalized shirt or tote, made specially by you?! What will you create with the DIY T-shirt Design Kit? Tag us on social and let us know!

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