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Thrifted Ghost Painting with Tempera Paint Sticks

Touch up the rest of the painting

Looking for a fun new way to add Halloween vibes to your home décor? This painting trend is the perfect project to try! Learn how to make your own thrifted ghost painting with this simple tutorial from Oh Yay Studio. You can easily add spooky specters to existing artwork with Tulip Tempera Paint Sticks!

Supplies Needed:

Tulip Tempera Paint Sticks

Thrifted painting or print


Paper towels



COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint in Designer Sunglasses (optional)

Masking tape and paper (optional)


1. Paint the ghosts

Paint the ghosts

Use a pencil to sketch out the ghosts onto the painting. Play around with sizing and clusters of ghosts to add variety to your thrifted ghost painting! Use the white Tempera Paint Stick to outline and fill in your ghosts. Allow the paint to dry and add more layers of paint until you’ve reached your desired opacity for each ghost.

 2. Add details

Add details

Add dimension to your painted ghosts with the black and gray paint sticks. Use a small paintbrush and water to blend colors and add fine details, such as eyes and wrinkles, to your thrifted ghost painting.

3. Touch up the rest of the painting

Touch up the rest of the painting

Use your Tulip Tempera Paint Sticks to give the rest of your thrifted ghost painting a colorful refresh! For this project, Oh Yay Studio added more color to the sky and some other areas of the painting. Apply paint sticks directly onto the print and blend as desired with a paintbrush. Allow to dry completely.


4. Paint the frame (optional)

Paint the frame

If you want to elevate your thrifted ghost painting, give the frame a makeover with COLORSHOT! Use masking tape and paper to cover the painting, then apply spray paint to the frame in smooth, even strokes. Oh Yay Studio used COLORSHOT in Designer Sunglasses for a metallic black finish— perfect for spooky season!


Will you be trying this thrifted ghost painting trend with Tulip Tempera Paint Sticks? It’s such a fun and easy Halloween DIY! Show us your spooky seasonal projects and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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