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Transform Your Christmas with Colorful Tie-Dye PJs for the Whole Family!

Transform Your Christmas with Colorful Tie-Dye PJs for the Whole Family!

Make your Christmas morning vibrant and memorable with homemade tie-dye pajamas for everyone! This fun and easy project, brought to you by Craft Box Girls, is perfect for creating a new holiday tradition. No need to wait for Santa – with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye, you can craft your festive sleepwear with just a few simple materials.

What You'll Need:

Step 1 wash PJs

What You'll Need:

Before diving into the tie-dye process, it's important to wash your pajamas without fabric softener. You can start dyeing right after they're washed, or if you're dyeing later, dampen the pajamas thoroughly and wring out excess water.


Step 2 Set up your workspace

Preparation: Washing the Pajamas
Spread out the damp pajamas on a covered surface. Now's the time to pick your favorite tie-dye techniques – be it matching patterns for family unity or unique designs for individual flair.

Step 3 Create your design: pleating and binding

Creating Your Design: Pleating and Binding
Use the rubber bands from your kit to fold, pleat, or bind your pajamas. For stripes or bullseye patterns, follow the simple steps provided by Craft Box Girls, or feel free to experiment with your own designs!

Step 4 Apply dye

Applying the Dye
After mixing your dyes, apply them carefully between the rubber bands. Remember to leave a bit of white space to avoid colors blending into a muddy look, especially with red and green.


Step 5 Let dye set

The Dye-Setting Process

Once dyed, place each item in a plastic bag to stay damp. Let them set for 6 to 8 hours, or longer for more intense colors. Then, remove the rubber bands.

Step 6 Rinse, wash, and enjoy!

Final Steps: Rinse, Wash, and Enjoy!
Rinse each set under running water, then wash and dry as instructed. If you used the same colors for all, they can be washed together; otherwise, wash separately.


Celebrate the holidays in style

Celebrate the Holidays in Style
Now you're all set for a festive and colorful Christmas morning in your homemade tie-dye pajamas! Don't forget to share your holiday tie-dye creations with us on social media #tulipcolorcrafts.

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