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Valentine's Day Henna Jars

Valentine's Day Henna Jars

Henna-inspired designs are so chic right now and can be used to decorate pretty much everything! I love henna because you can experiment with all kinds of patterns to create such beautiful designs. 

Valentine's Day Henna Jars

What you need:

-Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in a variety of colors

-Decorative glass jars

-Paper towels


Valentine's Day Henna Jars

Henna is so beautiful and what I love about it is you can create pretty much any design you want as long as you repeat the pattern and keep it consistent. So there is literally no way to mess up. I used glass jars because they are beautiful when finished and it’s easy to wash the paint off and start over if I mess up. I like to start by tapping my paint bottle tip down (with the cap still on) on the table to remove any air bubbles; I also do some practice runs on a napkin. I then started me design at the top of the bottle and allowed it to dry.

Valentine's Day Henna Jars

Once the top completely dried, I continued the design on the middle of the bottle and allowed it to dry once more.

Valentine's Day Henna Jars

Finally, I finished the design on the bottom of the bottle. The reason I allowed the bottle to dry in sections instead of working on the entire design at once is to help prevent smudging designs, and it allowed me to easily hold the bottle while I worked.

Valentine's Day Henna Jars
Valentine's Day Henna Jars

How cute is this bottle?! It's a beautiful way to bring some love into any room.

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