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Vamped Up Vampire Lips Shirt

Vamped Up Vampire Lips Shirt

Get vamped up for Halloween in a top that’s frighteningly fashionable! Satisfy your cravings for fun Fright Night gear with a black top, Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color™ and a kitschy vampire lips design.

  1. Iron a large piece of freezer paper waxy side up onto inside front of shirt. This creates a stable painting surface and prevents paint from bleeding through to back of shirt.
  2. Trace vampire lips pattern onto another large piece of freezer paper and cut out with craft knife to create stencil.
  3. Iron stencil onto front of shirt. Fill in stencil area with several light coats of Gold ColorShot, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Let dry completely.
  4. Remove stencil and freezer paper from inside of shirt.


Vamped Up Vampire Lips ShirtVamped Up Vampire Lips Shirt

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