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How to Use the Tulip Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio

How to Use the Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio

Spin and swirl for a new twist on tie dye with Tulip’s Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio! This innovative tie-dye kit will help you create vibrant designs where colors whirl and unique patterns unfurl with ease. Learn how to use the Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio to create matching tie-dye overalls with this simple tutorial from Oh Yay Studio. This activity is great for group projects—tie dye together and enjoy a colorful surprise!

Supplies needed:

Tulip Sin Art Tie-Dye Studio
100% cotton overalls
Plastic wrap or bag
Protective surface cover

 Step 1 Prepare Your Spin Art Tie-Dye Station

Prepare station


Assemble the Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio according to packaging instructions. Cover your workstation with a protective surface cover.

Prewash the fabric that you’ll be using for this tie-dye project. Fold and bind the damp fabric as desired— Oh Yay Studio used the crumple technique for their matching tie-dye overalls! Remove the lid from the spinner, place your project in the basket, and replace the lid.

Open the dye packets by cutting the corner of each packet at an angle. Use a pipette to suction up the dye powder, then turn the pipette upside down so dye collects at the base. The Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio includes 3 pipettes, so use one pipette per dye color. Fill the included bottle with water.

Step 2 Spin and add dye

Add powdered tie dye

Turn the knob on the spinner lid to activate! Spin manually a few times to build momentum and turn the knob to reactivate spinning as needed. While your project is spinning, use pipettes to apply dye through any of the openings in the lid. Multiple lid openings make this tie-dye kit great for group usage!

Continue spinning and applying dye until desired color distribution is achieved. You can stop the spinner and remove the lid to check color distribution as desired. Otherwise, enjoy the spin art process and see your surprise colors at the end!

Step 3 Spin and add water

Add water

After the dye powder has been applied, slowly pour water into the openings while spinning to blend the colors. Apply half of the bottle of water to each side of your project to the dissolve dye powder. More water can be used to blend colors further.

Step 4 Flip and repeat

Flip over tie dye overalls and repeat

Open the lid, flip your project over, and repeat on the other side. Once complete, remove the lid to reveal your surprise spin art color combinations! Take your project out of the spinner and rinse its components, then repeat this process to create a second set of tie-dye overalls.

Step 5 Wrap and let set


Once you’ve finished both spin art tie-dye overalls, place your dyed fabrics into a sealable plastic bag or cover with plastic wrap. Allow the dyes to set for 6-8 hours.

 Step 6 Reveal!

Reveal tie dye overalls

After the dyes have set, rinse, wash in cool water with a little laundry detergent, and dry. Your matching spin art tie-dye overalls are ready to wear!

The Tulip Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio is fun and easy to use! If you try this unique twist on tie dye, tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts and show us your colorful creations!

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