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A new twist on tie dye

Spin and swirl into a world of vibrant imagination with the Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio. This kit is not just about creating patterns; it's an exciting twist on classic tie-dye methods and promises a surprise with every turn.

Get Set:

Begin by choosing your substrate and tie-dye pattern. Once secure place your project into the spinner. Secure the lid and give it a spin.

Color Drip:

Use the pipettes to apply dye powder onto your spinning creation through the openings. You can give it a little extra spin while doing it.

Add Water:

Slowly pour water into the openings while spinning to blend colors. Flip the project over and repeat on the other side.

Final Reveal:

Take your creation out of the spinner and wrap it in plastic or put it into a plastic bag to let the color penetrate the fabric. Wait for 6-8 hours before rinsing for a more vibrant result.

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