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Can you dye leather boots and jackets?

Can you dye leather boots and jackets?

Leather garments and boots should not be dyed using washing machine or immersion (dyebath) methods. 

High heat temperatures and the agitation from a washing machine can damage leather beyond repair. Fabric dyes permeate fabric fibers, making color more permanent. The bond will not be as permanent because leather is not a fabric material. Using fabric dyes on leather may increase the risk of color transfer when worn. Some types of leather may have oils, wax, or other sealants, making it difficult to dye. 

Smaller leather accents can be stained using our Tulip One-Step Tie Dyes. Tulip One-Step dye colors may be less vibrant on leather than on fabric. For best results, use untreated leather for craft dyeing purposes. Dyes will not work on faux leather (pleather) or vinyl.

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