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5 Easy Kids’ Craft Party Ideas to Try with Tulip

5 Easy Kids’ Craft Party Ideas to Try with Tulip

Looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy? Throw a crafting party for the kids and let them explore their creative side with Tulip’s family-friendly tie dye, fabric paints, fabric markers, and more. Crafters of all ages and experience levels will love creating colorful projects with Tulip! Check out this list of 5 easy kids’ craft party ideas and get inspired to throw your own crafting party!

Paint Scraping Art with Tulip Soft Fabric Paints

This craft party idea is as easy as it is fun! Paint scraping is a great way for kids to experience painting techniques that teach them about color mixing, textures, and more. There’s no wrong way to do this technique—just grab your favorite Tulip Soft Paints and let your kid’s inner artist emerge!

Matching Pastel Tie-Dye Tees

Who doesn’t love wearing matching outfits? The whole family can get in on this colorful craft party idea with pastel tie dye! The soft floral shades in the Tulip Flower Petals One-Step Tie-Dye Kit are perfect for a family-friendly project, and you can take your customization one step further with the Tulip Wildflowers Puff Paint!

Custom Kids’ Sunglasses with Puff Paint

This craft party idea is perfect for warm and sunny days— soak up the sun in style with a pair of cool customized sunglasses for your kids! It’s super easy to make some totally unique shades with your favorite Tulip Puff Paints. Puff Paints are a great way to add fun textures and vivid colors to almost anything—so grab your favorite colors and get painting!

Non-Slip Ladybug Socks with Puff Paint

Tulip Puff Paints make it easy to create one-of-a-kind socks that’ll keep you from slipping up! Kids might not be crazy about boring old socks, but they’ll love making their own custom pair for this craft party idea. Use Puff Paints to create designs on the soles of your socks—the creative possibilities are endless! Once they’re dry, you’ll have a unique pair of non-slip socks that put the FUN in functional!

Floral Face Mask with Fabric Markers and Fabric Paints

This craft party idea is something you’ll want to try before your next big summer adventure!

You may still need your face mask for certain activities, so stay safe AND stylish with Tulip! Decorate a simple white cotton face mask with a beautiful bouquet of color using Tulip Fabric Markers and Puff Paints. Just a little bit of creativity will go a long way in staying safe in bright summery style while you’re out and about! 

What other craft party ideas will you try this summer with Tulip? Tag us on social media @TulipColor and show us your colorful crafts!

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