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DIY Grad Caps with Tulip

Picture of DIY Grad Caps with Tulip

Graduation season is right around the corner and right now is the time to start thinking about how you will stand out in a sea of graduates!  Here's three fun ways to cap off senior year in style using Tulip dyes, paints, and crystals.

DIY Grad Caps with Tulip

Share the tie dye vibes with everyone on grad day with this spiral cap! Get started with  a Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye kit, a 18x18 cotton piece of fabric, and Aleene's Tacky Spray.  Bind, then dye your fabric square according to packaging instructions.  Once you set the dye and wash the fabric, spray the Tacky Spray on the backside of the fabric and fold in place.  To make it extra secure, you can glue in place with Aleene's Fabric Fusion Tape.  We think you deserve a DYE-ploma for this look!

DIY Grad Caps with Tulip

Add a colorful ombré look to your cap using Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color.  This technique works great on white caps, but you can also spray a white cotton square like we did for the tie dye look above and cover a darker-colored cap.  As you can see above, we used stickers to write out our phrase, then sprayed the Tulip ColorShot in an ombre pattern to get this cool, neon look.  Remove the letters and you'll get some in-your-face personalization that people high up in the bleachers will even see.

DIY Grad Caps with Tulip
If you are all about the sparkle, we suggest picking up some Tulip Glam-it-Up Crystals and a Tulip Glam-it-Up heat tool to make this custom cap.  For precise details print out and cut your name/phrase and outline with the chalk. Then outline the letters with the crystals and heat tool.  Cover as much of your cap with the crystals as you want. We personally, are addicted to bling and practically covered our cap!
Which one of these looks fits your grad style most?  Feel free to share and pin these images to get all your friends inspired to DIY their own.
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