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Easy Hippie Costumes for the Whole Fam

Easy Hippie Costumes

If you’re hoping to make your Halloween a little less ghoulish and a lot more groovy, these easy hippie costumes should do the trick! Craft Box Girls will show you how to use Tulip Two-Minute Tie Dye to make colorful tie-dye costumes with far-out flair.

What you need:

Tulip Two-Minute Tie-Dye Kit + additional One-Step Dyes if desired

- White 100% cotton T-shirts, flowy tops to tie dye

- Jeans

- Lace or colorful fabric

- Colorful pompom trims to match tie dye

- Scissors

- Disposable plastic surface cover

Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion®

- Sunglasses, necklaces and other hippie accessories

Tulip Two-Minute Tie Dye

Tulip Two-Minute Tie Dye helps speed up the dye set process, which is great if you’re short on time or are making last-minute Halloween costumes! Cover your work surface with a disposable plastic surface cover, and wash all items you plan on tie dyeing for your easy hippie costumes. Leave them damp, or make sure to thoroughly dampen before adding the dyes.

Choose tie-dye technique and mix dyes

For your easy hippie costumes, you can choose any tie-dye technique you like. Craft Box Girls opted for the bullseye tie-dye technique, the spiral tie-dye technique, and the stripes tie-dye technique. Prep your dyes (no more than 24 hours before using) by adding water according to instructions.

Twist T-shirt into a spiral

For the spiral tie-dye T-shirt, lay the damp T-shirt out flat on your work surface. Pinch the fabric in the center of the shirt and twist until the entire shirt is swirled.

Add dyes and process in microwave

Secure the shirt by crisscrossing rubber bands around it, then squeeze your chosen dye colors onto the shirt however you like. Repeat on the back side, then place into the Two-Minute Tie-Dye Container and process according to instructions. NOTE: Make sure the T-shirt is completely damp before processing in the microwave. If any portion has dried out, even a little bit, re-dampen by spritzing with water.

Wrap rubber bands around the top every few inches

For the stripes tie-dye top, Craft Box Girls wrapped rubber bands around the top every few inches, including the sleeves.

Apply dyes to top and process in microwave

Apply dyes to the top, alternating colors in between the banded sections. Make sure to rotate the top as you apply the dyes so you get all sides. Once you’ve added the dyes, place in the container and process according to instructions.

Pull fabric into a tube shape

For the bullseye tie-dye T-shirt, pinch the damp shirt in the center of where you want your bullseye design to be, then pull the entire shirt into a tube shape.

Apply dyes and process in microwave

Wrap rubber bands around the shirt every few inches, then apply your chosen dye colors. Alternate colors between the banded sections, rotating the shirt as you apply the dyes so you get all sides. Once you’ve added all of your dyes, place into the container and process in the microwave according to instructions.

Cut jeans at side seam

To give your easy hippie costumes some extra fun flair, turn an old pair of jeans into bell bottoms. It’s so simple! Lay out your jeans on your work surface and cut a slit up the seam on both legs.

Glue fabric in place

Cut a swatch of fabric to fit in between the cut seams – this will help expand and widen the bottoms of your jean legs. Align your fabric inside of each leg, then add a line of Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion along each edge of the open seam. Press into place on the fabric swatch and let dry completely.

Glue pompom trim along hems

Add some color to your new bell bottoms by gluing bright pompom trim along the bottom hems. Let dry.

Spiral tie-dye T-shirt

Now it’s time to coordinate accessories to go with your easy hippie costumes!

Bullseye tie-dye T-shirt

You can cut leather string to make headbands, turn tassels into necklaces and add some 60s-style sunglasses!

Tie-dye strips top

Celebrate Halloween with peace, love and tie dye!

Easy hippie costumes

These easy hippie costumes will make a total statement no matter how you’re celebrating Halloween this year! Will you be wearing tie dye this Halloween? If so, tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and show us what you made!

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