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Holiday Fun Puffy Paint Socks

Holiday Fun Puffy Paint Socks

Fun for gift giving and fun to wear, these DIY non-slip holiday socks are incredibly easy to make with Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint! Get the entire family in on the creativity with kitschy Christmas designs in a variety of colors.

  1. Cut cardboard strips into 2” strips for children’s socks, and approximately 3” strips for adult sized socks. Insert into socks with the bottoms facing upward.
  2. Use assorted dimensional paints to decorate each pair of socks with Christmas-themed wording or designs. Tip: If desired, first use a chalk pencil or disappearing ink pen to draw designs on socks before tracing with paint.
  3. Let dry completely. Lightly test heavily painted areas to make sure they are completely dry before wearing.
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